The Salt Spring Tuesday Market in Centennial Park

The Salt Spring Tuesday Market aims to inspire our community to embrace a local food culture that stewards land, nourishes people and honours farmers with a spirit of kinship and integrity.


The Salt Spring Tuesday Market regular season begins June 2 from 2-6pm in Centennial Park where visitors stream through the market each week, vying for the most succulent basket of strawberries or the first tomatoes of the year. The air fills with laughter, children, the telling of stories. Local chefs tantalize taste buds with seasonal fare. Feet tap to the rhythm of the band. Voices echo: “your food is amazing”.

The SSTFM is a food-only market that specializes in authentic, local, fresh and seasonal product. The SSTFM offers a range of vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, herbs, nuts, flowers, cheese, baked goods, vinegar, jams and more.

Join us. Meet your farmer. Enjoy the taste of local food.

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