Public Parks and Fields

Grab a friend and play your favourite sports for free!

Robron Park– Tennis, LaCrosse, Ball Hockey, Baseball, Soccer Turf Field and Open fields. Parking on Merecroft Rd, South Birch and Robron Rd.

Centennial Park– Tennis and Basketball courts. 230 4th Avenue.

Sportsplex– Tennis, baseball, basketball, ball hockey, sand volleyball, bocce, Disk Golf( Disks can be purchased inside) and open fields. 1800 S Alder St.

Nunns Creek Park– Baseball Field. 1465 16th Avenue

Hagel Park– Tennis courts, large field for various activities, outdoor gym equip. Parking is available at the end of Jody Lynne Way.

Phoenix School– Large Sports field and full size track. 400 7th Avenue

Charstate Park– Large field for various activities, play fetch with the dogs.

Pinecrest Park– Baseball Field and large fields. 300 S.Birch St.


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