Murder in the Dark

Murder in the Dark
This game is a little scary and a lot fun!

All you need to play is a dark house and a deck of cards. Here are the rules…


  1. Close doors to section off parts of your house/area where breakables and dangerous objects could cause trouble. Any area with an open door is open for play. (you can also play this outside.)
  2. Collect a numbered playing card for each participant (not face cards) except include 1 Ace and 1 King card in the mix. (Example, if you have 6 participants, 4 cards will be number cards, 1 card will be the Ace, and once card will be the King.)
  3. Shuffle the cards and deal them out, one per person, to each participant, everyone keeping their card a secret from the others. The player with the Ace plays the Murderer. The player with the King plays the Sheriff. The players with number cards play the civilians.
  4. Turn off the lights and have one random person count down the 10-second safety period. During this time, everyone scrambles away from the starting place and the Murderer can not ‘murder’ anyone.
  5. After the 10-second safety period, all players attempt to secretly interact with other players using only silent interactions to learn about who is where. Each time you find another player in the dark, both players shake hands and keep moving.
  6. The murder has the ability to ‘murder’ other players by squeezing the other players’ hand while they are shaking hands. When the Murderer squeezes another players’ hand, the other player must wait 5-10 seconds before passing out dead. Dramatic sound effects can make the game more fun but also make the rounds end quicker.
  7. The Murderer tries to ‘murder’ as many players as possible before the light are turned on.
  8. When another player stumbles upon the ‘corps’ of a ‘murdered’ player they must cry “Murder in the dark!” At that point, the light are turned on BUT don’t reveal your cards yet.
  9. Players gather around to try and figure out who the Murderer was, without any help from players who were murdered during that round. The Sheriff may choose to listen to the advice of the other players and then make an accusation about ‘who-dunnit.’ If the Sheriff accurately accuses the Murderer, the Sheriff and civilians win. If the Murderer evades accusation, the Murderer wins. If the Murder was able to kill the Sheriff, the Murderer automatically wins.
A lighter version of this game that works better for young children is ‘Spotlight.’ All you need to play is a dark area and a single flash light.
  • Select a player (or players) to start as the Guard with the flashlight and designate a couch or small area as the ‘jail.’
  • The other players (Jail-breaks) get a 10-30 second safety period to hide.
  • Once the safety period ends, the Guard goes searching for the other players using their flashlight to discover each players identity.
  • When the guard finds someone they must call their name to prove they have seen the persons identity. And that person must go to jail.
  • Players may be released from jail when they are tagged by other players who have not been discovered.
  • When all the players are in jail, the Guard wins. If the jail is emptied, the Jailbreaks win.

Check out the What’s On Daily Episode where Benny and family tried this Thing To Do out.

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