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    A PVC tarpaulin, also called a canvas tarp or tarps are one of the most popular materials to use in a wide variety of do it yourself projects. They are very easy to assemble because there is no need for specialized tools. This makes them a favorite with people who have little or no experience assembling tools or fabric pieces.

    A PVC tarpaulin has a rolled edge that runs along the full length of its sides, similar to a tent. There are grooves along the edges that allow the fabric to roll over the surface without unraveling, thus creating that snappy and snug seam that gives this type of cover a low maintenance factor. PVC is also known as vinyl, polyvinyl chloride, or vinyl chloride. A polyvinyl chloride product is also sometimes referred to as high-density polyvinyl chloride.

    pvc tarpaulin

    There are many kinds of PVC tarpaulins available, many kinds that specialize in particular purposes. For example, there are some that are used to cover the top of a swimming pool to protect it from the peeling sun or rain. These also work great in situations where you want to provide added strength to a structure, such as a building. You can find them rolled or folded, and they can come in a variety of thicknesses, providing many kinds of protection from both the elements and everyday wear and tear.

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