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    Dress to kill with the perfect lingerie

    Lingerie dresses were a hot item in both North America and Europe during early to mid twentieth century. A lingerie dress, sometimes called a swimsuit, was a serious common kind of swimsuit in the North America and Europe during the period of the 1900’s to the first 1920s. The swimsuit was quite lightweight, often white or colored and adorned with a lot of frills. It had been particularly popular for beach wear and for outdoor parties. Although worn by men along with women, lingerie dresses also became quite a style trend in Western countries like the United States and Britain.

    Lingerie dresses had become quite fashionable in Western countries, and these were particularly popular in the United States where these were sold by many specialty fashion magazines. Lingerie dresses were seen as not merely practical but as fashionable and they were very costly, including one hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, dependant on the materials used and the design. Popular materials during the time included silk, satin, cotton, nylon and lace. Additionally, the term " lingerie " referred to not any fabric but to the style of clothing generally related to it: bikinis, tank tops, and caftans.

    Mini dress is another sort of lingerie dresses which was popular in the twentieth century. These garments were built to be shorter when compared to a full-length dresses. In place of coming up to a woman’s thighs, they usually measure a little below the knee. The most used mini dresses tend to be knee-length, which make them befitting evening parties and social events.

    One other form of lingerie dresses that became popular in the late twentieth century were long and body-hugging styles. These were often manufactured from a clear, smooth fabric such as lace, satin, or chiffon. In addition they had elaborate designs which were made out of hand embroidery. In today’s day, long, body-hugging lingerie dresses tend to be constructed with rayon, a man-made fiber that has the similar qualities to silk but is stronger and more durable. Today, lingerie dresses are designed to be worn under formal clothing and to offer a look of glamour and elegance to any woman.

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