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    click for source doesn’t matter whether you’re at the fireworks display or perhaps your kid’s soccer game- there always seems to be too little comfortable seating. There are many portable chair solutions available, many options bulky, awkward to handle, and provide the type of comfort that you are trying to find. The Strathwood anti-gravity recliner changes everything that. This recliner is made from a foldable steel frame which has a mesh seat and back. The mesh allows air to circulate freely, keeping you cool. The mesh sections are attached to the steel frame with tiny bungee cords, allowing the seat to flex. The Strathwood recliner conforms for your curves and evenly distributes unwanted weight. Not many portable chairs deliver this type of comfort your money can buy.

    The portability in the Strathwood anti-gravity recliner is shown by just studying the design. The whole chair folds up flat and will be easily transported in a car. Even though it is compact, the recliner is totally adjustable. The back and leg portions with the chair can be adjusted to any reclining position desired. The special joints allow and infinite amount of leg and back positions. People of all sizes can take good thing about this comfort, since the chair carries a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

    The Strathwood is ready for external use, utilizing strong textilene mesh material to the seating surface. The metal frame is coated having a resistant paint in order to avoid rust. Buyers can pick between seven vibrant colors, which resist fading. At the head in the chair lies a foam headrest to aid a person’s neck. Armrests make load off when you sit in relaxation. No matter the position, the rubber feet from the chair maintain your recliner in place. The recliner grips tight to most surfaces including concrete, grass and dirt.

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