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    What are the common setup techniques of LED panel lights? Just how should we mount LED panel lights?

    LED panel lamp is a state-of-the-art interior lighting light, its outer frame is light weight aluminum plated, the source of light is LED, the entire light layout is stunning and also basic, lavish ambience, good lighting result. Just how do we mount LED panel lights after selecting them? Right here are 3 typical setup techniques:

    Just how should LED panel lights be installed?

    Approach 1: Surface area ceiling installment

    1. Deal with the ceiling shelf on the ceiling or wall;

    2. Connect the power cord (AC/DC power cord) and place it in place;

    3. Repair the panel light on the ceiling rack;

    4. After the panel light is placed efficiently, it can be powered on for usage.

    Approach 2: Ceiling suspension installation approach

    The hoisting and installment method of cord rope is versatile and appropriate for private design plan. The approach is as follows:

    1. Initially, fix the four suspension cables of LED panel lights on the ceiling;

    2. Attach the suspension cord to the LED panel light;

    3. Install the driving power cable of the light;

    4. Pull the steel wire to readjust the elevation of the panel lamp

    Approach 3: Installed installment

    1. remove the ceiling plaster board;

    2. Link the power cable;

    3. Put the panel lamp on the ceiling clamp;;

    4. After the panel light is placed smoothly, it can be powered on for usage.

    ceiling panel light manufacturer :

    1. Ensure the power is off prior to installment;

    2. Take note of water resistance, power resistance and also shock resistance;

    3. The product will use the standard operating voltage. Do not exceed the operating voltage array;

    4. This item is only for interior use;

    5. Please read the direction thoroughly prior to setting up the product.

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