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    Applying one of several unique characters, you have to browse through the levels without being ripped limb from limb. Sound simple? Think again. Happy Wheels was among the first browser games to utilize ridiculous ragdoll physics as a vital element of the game.

    Happy Wheels arrived in 2010 and took the most web-browser gaming world by storm with its wild mechanics, eccentric characters, and elaborate user-created levels. Still available in its original form today, you can learn more about the ingenious levels made by gamers and test the numerous characters.

    You can play through an assortment of first and user-created degrees in Happy Wheels. There’s a countless selection to choose from, a few of which are simpler to play with specific characters. Depending on the level, you might find yourself driving your wheelchair through a person’s gut or halfway through a woods in an angry cat.

    The objective of each level varies, from attaining the end to collecting all the tokens. Some levels are entirely aimless. You might even design your own and share them with the rest of the planet for analyzing.

    happy wheels The figures at Happy Wheels are conventional in a platformer. Rather than having superpowers, you are pretty much a regular guy.

    Segway Guy, on the flip side, he is somewhat more manageable, and also a frequent choice among seasoned Happy Wheels gamers. The other two initial match characters are Irresponsible Dad (who instead irresponsibly has his kid on the rear seat), and efficient Shopper, that rides a mobility scooter.

    Each personality in Happy Wheels has an ability unique for them. Segway Guy will jump, and Wheelchair Guy can turbo increase his jet thrusters to maneuver faster. Learn more about the Happy Wheels character skills .

    As Happy Wheels continued to present endless gory amusement for the gaming world, several new personalities were released. These include the named Moped Killer, Lawnmower Man, Explorer Guy, Santa Claus, Pogo Stick Man, Irresponsible Mother, along with Helicopter Man.

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