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    Berber Rugs are hand-woven rugs that are made of Moroccan rug. They have rich symbolism, tradition, and are sometimes referred to Berber rugs. Each rug is unique and beautiful, inspired by the Berber tribes of Morocco. The colors and the materials used for these rugs depend on the availability of resources in the areas where they’re made in, therefore they’re definitely unique.

    Floor mats don’t have to be restricted to Berber rug. Certain households also use furniture covers or even blankets. It has also grown in the popularity of these rugs; they are in homes across all over the world. Regardless of your purpose, there are some essential things to consider when buying the rug you want on the internet.

    Look up the rug you’d like to purchase

    Take note of all the aspects of the rug, including the size and shape, color, and the materials. Take note of the measurements of the rug. In some cases, the size of the rug may differ from the one you observe in pictures. If you need to, convert the measurements to those of your country.

    Take photographs of the rug from various angles. It’s better to have the photo well lit to be able to discern the hues. You must ensure that you’re investing in the right rug for your requirements.

    You must vet the seller as well as the rug. For more information on the seller, including contact information and customer reviews, check their official website as well as social media. Be aware of how fast they respond to inquiries in addition to the amount of information they can provide about the rugs.

    Ask the seller for the history of the rug.

    Find out if the seller is knowledgeable about their products by asking them about the rug’s history. Find out if the rug was designed for use at home or in commercial use. This could influence the quality of the carpet. Make sure to pick Berber rug.

    Traditionally, Moroccan rugs were hand-woven and produced by the women of a household. These were typically for home and not for commercial use. These fabrics, which were hand-woven, were used traditionally as flooring, blankets, cushions, as well as seating covers.

    The rugs were intended for home use so the women weaved stories into them. These are usually scenes of their lives but they could also incorporate other stories as well. It takes approximately an entire month to produce every rug. They are full of symbols and traditions. You can ask the seller about the stories regarding the rug that you’re considering buying for your home.


    Moroccan Rugs can be quite expensive. The bigger the rug is, the more it will cost. To find the ideal rug you want, make plans and save. It is also possible to purchase rugs at a lower cost that keep your preferred design in the back of your head. A Moroccan authentic rug is the best.

    Atlas Weavers can assist you in deciding on the Moroccan rug that fits your budget and requirements. Atlas Weavers is an fair-trade artisans project and a leading source of genuine
    Moroccan rug . We’re dedicated to preserving the Berber tradition and bringing it into your home. Shop our selection or get in touch to learn more.

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