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    Driver is a mystery.

    Lightly for cancer patients

    Sparing with words and gestures do not allows to get close to each other, while his enigmatic personality attracts like a magnet. It is masculine and confident. Always cool and collected. We do not know anything about it, you absolutely do not need to know. We do not even know his name. It is just the driver … but not just any. He has the skills, which would have envied many a racing driver and uses them quite well. During the day working as a stuntman with film productions, after all the action takes place in Los Angeles at night while the driver is to let the attacks and thefts. And it shows us just now opening sequence of the film. One of the strongest points of production. Its task is to invite the viewer and an introduction to the story, which performs at 120 percent. One thing is for sure! After watching this sequence you will want to know what will happen next! The film is more of beads, which certainly you notice. I remained in the memory of the scene in the elevator – the magnificence! But back to the driver. This figure is as mysterious as saturated with references to real intertekstualnymi already classics. He roams the streets of Los Angeles, like Robert De Niro in the cult "Taxi Driver", still holding toothpick between teeth (Sylvester Stallone in the ’80s hit "Cobra"). It is entirely withdrawn and secretive, hiding a dark secret, like Dexter Morgan, the hero of the hit series.

    This is a truly explosive mix, which gives an electrifying cinema effects. It’s hard to even look away for a second from the protagonist. Many in this wonderful merit Ryan Gosling, who soon appears on the screen, nothing else matters. Nobody else does not matter. Even the usually interesting Carey Mulligan as Irene, seems bland and expressionless. Gosling recently has a very good time. Role in "Drive" is another, after a great performance in "Blue Valentine", well accepted and worth mentioning creation of the young actor. Encouraged therefore I wait with bated breath for the new production of George Clooney’s "The Ides of March", in which Gosling also plays a major role. Not only well written and played the character is an asset the latest film by Nicolas Winding Refn.

    Director, slowly rolling action escalates the tension from the first seconds of the film and keeps the audience by the throat to the end. It creates an unforgettable atmosphere, we remember the greatest classics of the 70s and 80s, while subjecting it to renovate and upgrade. These treatments make the movie is not a copy and not bored. Refn cheekily plays with the conventions themselves. In the film are comic elements, gangster film, wipes also dangerous for pastiche.

    Love sucks!

    Sometimes exaggerating the slow motion, sometimes alone Driver seems to be exaggerated, a little too pompous. But everything is in decent doses and probably just keep these proportions says much about class size and the director of his work. At the end a few words about music and soundtrack. I have not heard in any film so brilliantly selected tracks, unpretentious style ramming in the film that give him the right climate, highlighting the nature scenes and shots. Bravo Mr. Refn, for the soundtrack at least a point higher. In addition, great music of Cliff Martinez, completes the whole aesthetic enjoyment only. Since the end of the session, in addition to songs from the movie, it’s on my mind one thought. Or "Drive" becomes a cult film, or died in a multitude of similar production? Does matched aforementioned classics? Do you have them in fact chase? For me, "Drive" is "cabbie" of our time, and I say this with full awareness of the consequences that will bear the part antyfanów film. Consider it a sacrilege, but that’s how I feel ..

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