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    Astoria coffee machines are considered the final result, the quintessence of imagination and continuous development. The product was created by Adriano Design and style – just about the most renowned design studios in France. Winner of the German Design and style Award 2019, just about the most prestigious and worldwide identified prizes in commercial layout.

    What fantastic features does the Astoria coffee machine have that are incredibly appreciated by professionals?

    – Enables baristas to adjust and maintain an ideal coffee producing account (user profile) as a result of pre-handling temperature and pressure during removal producing a series of coffees with consistent flavoring at distinct areas. diverse occasions.

    – Dry Steam with superior technology “Cool Touch” provides baristas that are excited about latte art work enough space to produce their own personal latte art work approach.

    – The ability to quickly adjust the perfect heat, helping the barista to regulate the temperatures in planning for any secure mug of coffee.

    – GreenLine technological innovation in Astoria Storm FRC lowers electricity ingestion by around 47Per cent in comparison with models of similar ability. At the same time, the machine can immediately “Stand by” during away-top working hours.

    The equipment is suitable for almost any dispensing area within a traditional classy fashion.

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