Laser Tag- North Island Battlefield

Outdoor Laser tag is now open!

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Lockdown laser tag

People have been asking me about doing laser tag. Obviously in the current situation there are no big groups getting together, but I have come up with something for groups isolating together.

Pictured are my mini taggers. They’re 18in long and weigh just over a pound, so they can be used by kids as young as 4.
I’ll deliver pairs of disinfected taggers with a key so you can play in your own garden or local space. $20 per pair for an hour plus standard mileage if you’re outside Campbell River.
It won’t replace the full North Island Battlefield experience, but it’s a fun way to blow off some steam. When you’re done just bag them up again and I’ll take them away for cleaning again.
Call Andy on 250-202-3484, send a message or email

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