Apr 20-21 Nanoose Charity Liquidation in Nanoose Bay

Private Residence - Nanoose Nanaimo

No, it’s not deja vu and you’re not seeing double. It’s just the remaining unsold inventory that you missed the first time and is again made available through this charity venue. Lucky you! In this 2-day weekend sale you will learn a little more about our extended part in the economic development of our community. […]

The Peninsula Singers Present: That’s Entertainment!

Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Ave W, Sidney, BC

Revel in a musical lineup inspired by the timeless hits that sizzled the movie screens with Hollywood’s song and dance numbers, vaudeville, and old-fashioned showbiz. Songs from the razzle dazzle of the best musical-theatre numbers the Great White Way has ever known, to theme songs from 70’s sitcoms and modern TV classics. ‘That’s Entertainment’ will […]