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Webinar – Building Back Better: The Biodiversity, Climate Change and Human Health Nexus

Jun 15 at 9:00am - 10:00am


Hosted by the School of Environment & Sustainability at Royal Roads University, the Building Back Better webinar series is all about how we can take advantage of the global pause we’ve experienced due to COVID-19, and radically shift and accelerate how we address the most pressing issue of our times: climate change and biodiversity loss.

Some argue that by aiming for biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and mitigation will be a co-benefit, but the reverse is not true. Is biodiversity loss an even greater human imperative than climate change? And what are the impacts on human health? The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly taught us the costs of increasing encroachment on wildlife habitats, never mind that we haven’t even classified much of our biodiversity richness as we are losing it. Did you know that the Chilean soapbark tree produces a saponin that is integrated into the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine?

On June 15, join Drs. Ann Dale and Rob Newell in the second webinar of the Building Back Better series as they discuss why it is important to address all three simultaneously.


Royal Roads University


Event summary
Hosted by Royal Roads University, join us as we delve into the second topic of our Building Back Better webinar series



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