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Walking Cane, Physiotherapy Tool

Sep 10


How to use a cane so that patients can prepare themselves surgery Christy who makes that decision is it is the therapist is at the physician or is it the patient when they’re ready to go from Walker okay now when you’re transitioning to the Dynamo Walking Canes the most important thing is knowing what side of the body hold it on the most common mistake we see with anyone they maintain and it’s something that’s very easily correctable so the biggest thing is making sure you’re holding the cane on the opposite side of pain or the opposite side of surgery so if I’ve had a website a hip or knee replacement I’m going to be only in a cane on my right side okay now if I’m the left handed this is gonna feel really awkward at first you’re gonna have to just train your brain to teach your body it’s knowing that this is the current way to do it it’s much more harmful so hold it on the wrong side.

If you’re trying to learn to walk correctly after you went through all the surgery and they’re in training and things like that it’s worth it to just keep working basically practicing with it and so you get comfortable okay so this is my operated side I’m gonna pull then cane on the opposite side okay and sequencing with a cane it’s very similar to the walker in the sense that you’re going to be putting your came forward first then your operated side good sight okay so your weight shifting but you’re not putting weight on the Walking stick it’s just a for balance so came forward first operate at the side good thing once you get that down then we’re gonna start to encourage you to take people strive with on each leg so the difference with that is you’re going to be hitting the cane on the floor at the same time mister operated so it actually acts as kind of like another life Roger walking on that foot so then you’re gonna bring the cane your operated foot forward and then swing through with your fists like came like you’re operating with the board and then what you’re gonna say okay for most people this is the hardest part to kind of get down because it can be a little bit awkward or just feeling support those movie they’re coaching you or we can you know make sure we have a hand on you the field makes me feel a little bit more 6 here we won’t change you to the Canon we don’t think you’re ready okay Christine can I ask you yeah everybody News vote it’s counterfeit ooh why do we put it on the opposite side so natural okay if you’re putting our bodies were not designed to walk and you’re then you’re actually leaning towards your painful side if you’re putting their support so that’s a great visual explanation um let’s go back there is it seems like there’s two stages stage one where you’re going almost a three point gate where it’s cane foot operative leg king foot can you go through that and then go to stage two again so when you’re just working on feeling comfortable we break it down into simple three step walking it’s easier for you to get the hang of it first and then after that you in for it to go a little bit quicker and more normally so cane board first operated through the just watching the hand point and then good side okay came forward first operate inside and then good side once you get that hang up that body weight shifting and you’re comfortable with being able to use the cane the opposite side of surgery then you’re gonna try to take the cane at the same time as your operated foot and swing all the way through with your good.


Sep 10




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How to use a cane so that patients can prepare themselves surgery Christy who makes that decision is it is the therapist.



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