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Effectiveness, Usage & Maintenance of ANTIVIRUS

Jul 30

The use of Antivirus is quite widespread on home computers and, on corporate computers, users are familiar with the updates that are periodically executed, but do we take advantage of all the possibilities that antivirus offers us? This article reviews the main characteristics of this type of protective ‘software’ that it is necessary to know to take advantage of all its advantages.
When are Antivirus born?
The history of antivirus is linked, of course, to that of computer viruses or ‘malware’. Before the 1980s, there had been experiments with programs that could be transmitted automatically from one computer to another, but it is in this decade that the first viruses that erased data or rendered systems useless were created and released. Shortly afterwards, the first commercial antivirus appeared with the aim of protecting users. One of the pioneering companies was the German GData , which in 1987 created antivirus ‘software’ in order to safeguard Atari computers. And in the same year, McAfee released its first version of the popular Virus Scan ‘antimalware’.
How does an antivirus work?
Antivirus has the main mission of detecting and removing ‘malware’ (or ‘malicious software) from computers and devices before they have even infected the system.
For the identification of ‘malware’, the antivirus perform a continuous analysis that compares the files present in the computer’s operating system with a database that contains the identifying characteristics (or ‘signatures’) of different examples of ‘malware’ found with anteriority. This database must be updated frequently with the signatures of the new types of ‘malware’ that appear every so often. Some antivirus also have the ability to detect threats by identifying patterns in files , locating system alterations and analyzing strange behavior of computer components.
Current antivirus therefore has two essential functions: to scan the files of the computer one by one for risks using the threat database and to monitor the device to detect any unusual activity.


Jul 30


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Event summary
Contrary to what you might think, having more than one antivirus installed on the same device is counterproductive.


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