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Sep 2 at 8:00am - 5:00pm


Among the many games operated by fancy casinos, it is also released in online casinos.
A brief introduction to the casino games that many members love
I would like to take the time to start and explain in more detail again and again.
Because casino games are not very difficult and they are not difficult even for women or young people.
If you are a beginner, invest a little time and read it in detail.
You can have fun in no time.
First of all, it is said that a casino means a small house.
Long ago, it was used as a place for social gatherings of nobles.
It is now a place that offers gambling games.

Most of the casinos are operated to earn money from hotels.
Because of the casino’s profit, a lot of foreign currency is also made, so the government
It is permitted to operate many places for the purpose of earning foreign currency, and in the case of Korea
Hotels that operate casinos are easy to find, but only foreigners can use them.
Currently, there is only Kangwon Land, a casino that Koreans can enter in Korea.
It is one of the most popular games in casinos, and is especially popular in Asia.
In baccarat, the player and the banker are dealt two or three cards in turn.
The side whose sum of numbers on each card is closer to 9 wins the game.
Players pay 2x dividends, Bankers take 5% commission off, 1.95 dividends, tie 8s, pair 11s
It has an average dividend.

Drop the iron beads on the bowl-shaped rotating mechanism, and according to the number of the iron beads stopped
It is a game where victory and defeat and dividends are decided.
The numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 and 00 are engraved in a mixture at intervals, and there are partitions for each number.
It is designed so that the iron bead does not fall between two numbers.
From straight matching one number to matching black and red colors, odd/even/un/over, etc.
There are many types of bets and dividends in the game, ranging from 2x to 35x.

Also called Sic Bo, it is the most popular casino game in China.
The number of 3 dice is rolled to determine the winner of the game.
The largest dividend of 150 dividends exists in the casino, and in the casino accordingly
It’s a game with very few empty seats.
It is an easy game that even women can enjoy, but there are many betting lines.
Each payout may be a bit fuzzy.
After checking the details, you can have more fun if you set up a betting strategy that suits you.

slot machine
After purchasing a coin or a casino ticket, setting the bet amount, pull the lever or press the button.
It is a game where you spin the reels and receive a prize according to the result.
Slot machines are much simpler than other casino games because you only need to know how to operate them.
You can enjoy the game for a long time for the money.
You can aim for the casino flower jackpot, and around March of this year, in Kangwon Land,
The biggest jackpot ever hit.
Compared to the 10 billion jackpot in Las Vegas, Kangwon Land’s all-time high
It’s a Korean system that doesn’t feel like much.

Blackjack is a very popular casino game in Europe.
The dealer and the person who makes a number close to 21 wins by taking one card each, and loses if the number exceeds 21.
If the first two cards received to complete 21, it is called blackjack, and if it exceeds 21, it is called burst.
At the time of burst, the player loses regardless of the dealer’s card value.


Sep 2
8:00am - 5:00pm


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8926 Clarkson Ave, Black Creek BC V9J 1B1
8926 Clarkson Ave
Black Creek, V9J 1B1
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