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메이저사이트 스포츠양방베팅 100% 수익률

Sep 2 at 8:00am - 5:00pm


nice to meet you! Today, following the most basic two-way betting we posted earlier in Totored,
I will explain the time difference between both sides! 메이저사이트
I’m going to explain it briefly so you can understand it, so please take a moment to help.

What is Time Lapse Betting?
As I explained in the previous post, time difference two-way betting can be done on a domestic private site.
This is a two-way betting method for domestic private sites that do not have single-fold betting or have single-fold sanction.
Time difference two-fold betting method Basically, I will explain the two-fold time difference two-way betting for easy understanding.
Here, the time difference between the two games is good if there is a gap of 2 to 3 hours or more according to soccer standards.

First let’s take an example
Tottenham vs Liverpool 02:00 Match = Domestic editorial site – Tottenham win 1.80 dividends
Tottenham vs Liverpool 02:00 Match = Overseas Site – Liverpool Play Hand Win 2.30 Dividend
Barcelona vs Real Madrid 05:00 Match = Domestic editorial site – Real Madrid win 1.90 odds
Barcelona vs Real Madrid 05:00 Match = Overseas Site – Real Madrid win 2.20 dividend
We will explain under the assumption that

Here, the method of time difference between both parties is first from the domestic private site.
Bet with a combination of Tottenham 1.80 odds and Barcelona 1.90 odds.
1.80 x 1.90 = 3.42 dividends. Then, the bets are easy to understand, and the winnings are placed in two folders.
Let’s bet close to $100,000.
Let’s say you bet 290,000 won.
So, the winning amount is 991.800 won.
Next, bet on the first game, Liverpool’s free hand win, 2.3 odds on an overseas site.
Here, the bet on Liverpool’s win 2.3 odds is
The first dividend should be based on Tottenham’s 1.80 dividend x 290,000 won = 522,000 won.
Then 522,000 won divided by 2.30 dividend = 227,000 won.
If you bet like this, if the first match result is Muna Tottenham win
Liverpool’s play-hand win wins, and a profit of 5,000 won is generated.
To summarize, domestic private site Two Pole bet 290,000 won
Overseas site Manchester United win 227,000 won
Total bet amount 517000 won – winning 522.100 won = 5100 won profit Do you understand?


Sep 2
8:00am - 5:00pm


100+ Women Who Care Comox Valley


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