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Top Events in Comox Valley

Shamrock Farm Logo

Hundreds of hours have gone into creating the family-favourite Pumpkin Barn! Elaborate displays of both real and animatronic pumpkins will be on display all month long… just don’t disturb the witch!
We love Halloween and have spent years creating a display for your enjoyment. The Witches Brew Cafe and The Barn Loft are sights to see! Prepare to have a spooktacular time.
We have massive world record pumpkin varieties, little ornamentals, decorative gourds, carving pumpkins and some especially good for pumpkin pie. Many are heirloom varieties grown from saved seed.
Visit early in the month for best pumpkin selection. Heirloom pumpkin varieties sell out fast.

Witness for the Prosecution Poster

Unraveling the mystery of murder makes a compelling story and Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution” is one of the best.
During the fearful days of cold-war London a brutal killing stirs up outrage, a suspect goes to trial where mounting evidence and contradictory testimony frame the central questions under layers of self-serving deceitfulness and lies: what is the truth, who can we believe, and do I trust my own eyes and ears? If you were on this jury what would your judgement be?
Christie’s characters are richly diverse, her twisting plot guaranteed to excite, and Courtenay Little Theatre’s talented actors and dedicated production team are going to take you on a most entertaining ride which accelerates dangerously toward a thrilling conclusion.

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